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Example of an integrated development approach in 19 de Outubro Village

GSB is trying the best to always use an integrated approach, that includes WASH, food security and renewable energies, to assist communities to meet their main challenges.
We strongly believe that with better water and sanitation conditions, people won’t get sick regularly (mainly with diarrhoea and cholera)  and their nutrients that are in general scarce will be kept in their bodies and the children will not suffer from malnutrition. And women’s workload with fetching water and wood, as well as taking care of the ill won’t be so heavy.

The solutions in water supply and sanitation demonstrated here are at the highest level of the ”water ladder” namely a piped water system. This comes however at great costs, for which funds are not available to expand on a large scale.

The table top Household filters are above the lowest level of the waterladder, and provide safe water at modest costs. And although it will not relieve women’s workload, it prevents waterborn illnesses.

The following interventions were made:

Construction of a primary school in 19 de Outubro Village, with a piped water and improved toilet for children. this intervention has also included WASH education to increase people’s, (mainly children’s) awareness, regarding WASH, and also keeping good hygiene conditions for girls attending schools. This intervention was supported by the Italian Embassy in Mozambique






Construction of a Small Piped Water System Supply (borehole drilling), to benefit 45 households, with piped water services to their houses, and improved toilets. The intervention has also included WASH education. The partner here is WATER1ST International from the USA.

Production of firewood saving stoves, to assist communities with affordable energy, mainly women that see their workload reduced.






Table top filters distributed for the people displaced from Namaluco during the violent attacks in Cabo Delgado.Soldiers were helping GSB with assembling the table top filters.

Chris HoltslagExample of an integrated development approach in 19 de Outubro Village