About us

The GSB SMART Centre is one of the two main programs of the organization Grupo de Saneamento de Bilibiza (GSB), which is based in Bilibiza, Cabo Delgado province.

The strategy to reach the vision is scaling up the dissemination of proven new low cost technologies (SMARTechs). The current projects on WASH are a priority and will be improved and the interventions of GSB can be extended to new villages.

GSB is improving its centre and new staffing is attracted as well as capacity building.

More funding sources for WASH projects need to be found, and GSB may have to change the approach of assisting the beneficiaries, by providing the new technologies and services in charged base.

Core achievements

Within the last 5 years with an investment of around 200,000 Euro we achieved the following:

  • 10 entrepreneurs coached and functioning
  • 29 technicians trained.(drillers, pump producers, masons,..)
  • 300 families with more food and increased income via small scale irrigation (via 7 so called Farmer clubs)
  • 6000 people with improved water sources (Wells drilled with the Mzuzu drill, Rope pumps)
  • 4000 people with safe drinking water (Table top filters)
  • 8500 People with improved sanitation (Latrine slabs, latrines)
  • One Water training centre​ established ” Bilibiza Water Centre”
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